Icon of the Theotokos “Unburnt Bush”

This 18th century Icon of the Palekh School in Russia has a miraculous story. It was originally located in the part of the (Ukraine/Russia) where the Nazi’s had successfully invaded during WWII. The Nazis where known for confiscating works of art as they took territory; and this Icon was among them that were taken back to Berlin. When the US pushed into Berlin towards the end of the war they recovered many works of arts and took some of those pieces back to the U.S. This icon was among those that came to America and was sitting at the Pentagon for years. In the 1950’s this Icon was given back to the Russian Church in the USSR. It was then gifted some years later to our humble parish in Youngstown, OH. It has an amazing story of survival and blesses us today.

Icon unburnt bush 1

Icon Unburnt Bush