Mission: Nativity of Christ Orthodox Church is striving to build a loving community of disciples committed to faith in Christ our Savior through repentance and adherence to the Traditions of His Holy Orthodox Church.

The divine services: Liturgical services are the focus of our parish life. To serve the needs of all our members, our services are conducted primarily in English, with some Church Slavonic. In addition to the regular Saturday evening service and Sunday morning Liturgy, there are many other services on weekdays for major feasts and throughout the Great Fast.

Location: The church is situated in on the Southside of Youngstown, Ohio and serve the needs of Orthodox through Mahoning county. The Parish is built in the Langsingville neighborhood that was once a majority Slavic community. Today the neighborhood has changed faces and we wish to invite all far and wide to come worship with us.

Administration: We are a parish of the Moscow Patriarchal Churches in the USA. We commemorate Patriarch Kirill of Russia and  Bishop Matthew, Temporary Administrator to the U.S.

History: The parish was established in 1915. We have a rich story that can be read here. Today we are a small congregation that are faithful to the Orthodox faith and open to all that are interested. We invite you to visit us, and look forward to meeting you!


One thought on “About

  1. What an absolutely beautiful church family. It was delightful reading about Father, church history and community. The photos are quite heartwarming!
    May God keep and bless you all in His care…

    ~Glory to God~

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