St. Ambrose Books & Gifts

Located in the Parish Social Hall ~ Open following all services and upon request

Email for purchases, updated inventory or special orders

Our inventory supports the work of St. Elizabeth Skete, St. Elisabeth Convent, St. Herman Press, Orthodox Christian Supply and Ancient Faith Publishing

100% of your purchase supports the Nativity of Christ Building Fund



St. Herman of Alaska: His Life and Works
Royal Passion-Bearers of Russia
Father Herman: Alaska’s Saint
Little Russian Philokalia: St. Seraphim of Sarov
Our Thoughts Determine our Lives
The First Created Man
Orthodox Veneration/Mother of God
Door to Paradise
Thoughts for Each Day of the Year
Beginnings of a Life of Prayer
New Confessors of Russia
Aidan’s Song
Baby Moses
Drita: An Albanian Girl
Song of Atlantan
Jonah’s Journey
12 Feasts: Ascension
12 Feasts: Pentecost
12 Feasts: Transfiguration
12 Feasts: Annunciation
12 Feasts: Entrance of the Theotokos
12 Feasts: Nativity of the Theotokos
Noah and Ark
Close to Home
At the Corner of East and Now
Dimitri’s Cross
Royal Monastic
What Do You Hear Angel?


9” = $40.00, 10” = $45.00, 12” = $55.00

Christ the Savior 9”
Deisis 9”
Nativity of Christ 9”
Mystical Supper 9”
Holy Week 9”
Twelve Great Feast Days 12”
Dormition 9”
Do Not Lament Me 9”
Joy of All Who Sorrow 9”
Unfading Flower 9”
Hodegetria 9”
Tikhvin with Saints 10”
St. Anna 9”
St. Nektarios of Aegina 9”
St. Kyriake the Martyr 9”
Sts. George and Demetrius 9”
St. Mary of Egypt 9”
Saints of North America 9”
Guardian Angel 9”
Royal Martyrs of Russia 9”
St. Paisios of Mt. Athos 9”
St. Nicholas of Mozhaisk 9”
St. George the Great Martyr 9”
St. John Maximovitch 9”

Teas ($8.00 each)
Fasting Tea
Cold Care
Sereni Tea
Tranquili Tea
After Dinner

Lip Balm ($5.00 each)
Coconut Jar
Candelilla Jar
Grapefruit Jar
Raspberry Tube

Skin Cream ($8.00 each)
Lemon Grass
All Natural

Incense ($18.00 ½ pound)
Damascus Rose

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