Preparation for Holy Communion

We must prepare ourselves to the Mystery of the Holy Communion by praying, fasting, humble Christian behavior and spirit as well as by confession.

Home and church prayers. A person willing to prepare oneself properly to the Holy Christ’s Mysteries must prayerfully prepare himself before the Communion: to pray at home more and with greater ardor, to read the Scripture, to attend church services. Before the Communion day one should ideally attend the service on the eve. At home one should read the “Prayers in Preparation for the Holy Communion” but do not let the prayers be an obstacle to communion! Just put effort into it even if you can’t do them all.

Fasting. We must observe the Church fasting regulations the week prior to communion (i.e. Wednesday & Friday). We must not eat after midnight prior to the day of reception and come to the Holy Communion with nothing in our stomachs. We must also teach our children to abstain from food or drinks before the Holy Communion (bu time a child is 4 or 5 this should not be a problem). In addition to abstaining from food and drink the morning before communion we should also fast from occasions of sin,  entertainments (such as TV watching), and habits such as smoking.

Confession. If you want to receive Holy Communion you must sincerely repent all of your sins before the priest. You must wholeheartedly open up your soul not concealing a single sin. Before the Confession you must make peace with everybody who hurt you or whom you hurt, you have to humbly ask all of them for forgiveness. While confessing it is better not to wait for the priest’s questions, but to tell him everything that is bothering your conscience, not justifying yourself and not blaming anyone else for anything. By no means should you judge anyone during confession or tell about other people’s sins. If you receive communion frequently then confession may not be necessary before every communion. But at the VERY LEAST once per month!