Fr. Gabriel

Today was Father Gabriel’s last day serving as Priest of our Parish.  He has been assigned to a Church in Michigan.

We are very sad to see him leave but he will always be with us AS we have learned so very  much from him.  He has a beautiful way of expressing his heart and his love of God. Father Gabriel is very reverent and his sermons are outstanding!  Yes, he will be greatly missed! 

Father’s parting words were very special to us today.  He said this church and it’s people will always be special in his heart.  Some of his family were members here for many years, and that makes it special too.
Father also said that we have his love and he feels OUR love!  Father feels the next Priest will feel the same love that he has felt.  His family, Matushka Laura and daughter Lucy have felt our kindness!!  Please support Father Michael, build up this Parish, AND lift him on your shoulders!!!  
Father ended with ” I will miss you and love you.”

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