Nativity of Christ “Make a Wish” Soup Sunday

soupSunday November 8th, 2015 Nativity of Christ Church Youngstown, OH

What’s This All About?

Going to a theological seminary is a huge sacrifice that many families are reluctant to do. It requires tremendous trust that the Lord will provide for you and your family while studying to become a future leader of the Church.

One of the sacrifices that many of the families make is the size of their pocketbooks. It is nearly impossible for the students to hold a full time class and service schedule with a part or full time job, so many have to rely on the charity of local parishes just to feed their families.

The Fellowship of Orthodox Christian’s in America (FOCA) started a Seminarian Gift Drive several years ago, allowing parishes from around the United States to purchase Christmas presents for seminarian families who otherwise could not afford gifts for their children. In an effort to get involved, Nativity of Christ parish will be holding a soup Sunday, with all proceeds going to the seminarian gift drive.

How Can I Help?

If you know your way around the kitchen, get your best soup recipe and make a large pot to bring on Sunday November 8th. Let Fr. Gabriel know before November 1st what type of soup you are planning on bringing so we can not have many duplicates!

If you are like me and can’t boil an egg, then all you need to do is make a donation and enjoy all you can eat homemade soup after Liturgy! Take home containers will be provided!

What if I Can’t Make it?

In order to make this a success, we will be relying on outside donations as well! Please feel free to make out your checks to Nativity of Christ, and in the memo line, be sure to write that this is for the seminarian gift drive!

If you prefer to donate a toy that is on the list of one of the seminarian families, please see Fr. Gabriel

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